Trickle Fill Post

trickle fill post

The Compac CNG filling posts are commonly used in depot applications for fleet refuelling and in applications where the gas does not need to be metered.

Trickle Post Features

  • Galvanised steel post and plinth, stainless steel valves and fittings
  • Outlet pressure gauge Ø65 dual scale 0-400 bar
  • Manual outlet isolation valve
  • Himast for greater hose reach
  • The complete filling post is tested on gas at our CNG station before being dispatched

Trickle Post Performance

  • Maximum inlet pressure 275 bar
  • Ambient temperature range -25°C to +55°C
  • CNG temperature range -40°C to +75°C

3 scenarios that use the Compac Filling Post:

  1. Small site with single line supply of compressed gas. The operator connects the refuelling nozzle to the vehicle and the regulator stops the fill at 200 bar. The operator disconnects the nozzle and can then fill another vehicle.
  2. Depot with remote refuelling point. The outlet of a dispenser or metering post is piped underground to a filling post located at a remote location (no regulator used).
  3. Bus depot with overnight trickle filling. Multiple filling posts are installed at the bus depot. At night each bus connects to a separate filling post. Overnight the compressor runs and direct fills all buses simultaneously until the final fill pressure is reached. In the morning the buses are disconnected and leave the depot. Normally a dispenser or metering post is located on site for fast filling some buses during the day.

Hose Assembly Options

Standard Flow 1-15 kg/min

  • Standard is 3/8” hose with OPW ILB-1 in-line breakaway, Compac Three-Way Valve and a NGV1 refuelling coupling with gas vent at breakaway location
  • Option of NZ 7/16” probe with 250mm probe hose
  • Option of OPW CT1000 or WEH TK16 refuelling coupling
  • Optional Regulated refuelling shutoff at 200 bar

High Flow 1-50 kg/min

  • Standard is 1/2” hose with OPW ILB-1 in-line breakaway and OPW CT1000 refuelling nozzle with gas vent at breakaway
  • Option of OPW CT5000 or TK16 refuelling nozzle
  • Option of OPW ILB-5 or WEH TSA2 breakaway

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