Adblue Dispenser

All the benefits of a Compac Dispenser designed to distribute the unique AdBlue® solution. 

Compac’s AdBlue® dispenser comes with all the benefits of a Compac dispenser and features Compac’s highly accurate V50 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, along with corrosive resistant components to handle the unique nature of AdBlue®.

Main Features

  • 30lpm dispenser
  • Single or dual dispenser
  • Can dispense AdBlue® and Diesel from one unit
  • Highly accurate V50 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
  • Stainless steel components
  • Corrosive resistant piping and seals
  • Installation and service is straight forward
  • Compatible with all Compac Fuel Management Systems

The design of Compac’s AdBlue® dispenser is based on Compac’s many years of experience custom designing and manufacturing equipment for a range of fuels in NZ, Australia and International markets.

A major feature of the AdBlue® dispenser is the use of Compac’s V50 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter. The meter is made from high grade stainless steel and has no moving parts. No maintenance is required and there is no calibration drift with time. The meter is highly accurate and comes with NMI approvals allowing it to be used on retail and commercial sites that sell to the public.

Stainless steel components have also been used throughout the dispenser, along with with corrosive resistant components, piping and seals to handle this unique additive. All models are compatible with Compac Fuel Management Systems.

Our dispensers are available in a variety of configurations:

AdBlue® Models  Dispenser 
One hose, one product, 30lpm AdBlue® MA30S
Two hoses, one product, 30 lpm Adblue® MMA30S
Two hoses, one product, 30lpm AdBlue® in Laser Frame LLA30S
Two hoses, two products, 30lpm AdBlue® & 80lpm Diesel MMA30-80S
Two hoses, two products, 30lpm AdBlue® & 160lpm Diesel MMA30-160S

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