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For real-time fuel management, just login.

CompacOnline connects you to your site controller via the internet, making 24/7 fuel management easy. Just login from any web browser to view site data in real-time. No matter where you are, you can access up-to-the-minute details at the click of a button.

Features of CompacOnline

  • Manage Customer Account Cards - view transactions, validate or invalidate cards, update user details
  • Adjust Pump Pricing - select the price you want and when you want this to change
  • View Transactions - including Credit card, ‘White’ card and Eftpos transactions Tank Gauging - monitor tank levels, temperature, safe fill level and other important information
  • Run Reports - export information from CompacOnline in PDF or Excel format

Advantages of CompacOnline

  • Remote Access - allows you to manage your site 24/7, from anywhere with internet access
  • User-Friendly - very little skill or training required to use CompacOnline
  • No Software Hassles - no software to install or maintain, saves you time and computer memory, and you are not limited to having to use the same computer everytime
  • Keeps Your Data Safe - no need to worry about your computer crashing and losing data as everything is stored on a secure server and backed up
  • Secure - access only over SSL (HTTPS) with login & password

7 Benefits of a Cloud Based Fuel Management System

1. Reduce Human Error

Manual record keeping depends largely on the accuracy of drivers and administration staff. It’s easy to make mistakes when recording fuel usage or entering data into systems.

Installing a cloud based Fuel Management System (FMS) eliminates errors caused by human input. The FMS can be setup in such a way where required details are automatically recorded. For example, the FMS can identify vehicle or driver and record fuel usage for that particular person or vehicle. Identification will enable the system and only then will fuel be dispensed.

2. Save Time

A manual system always generates extra work – an administrator has to deal with things such as illegible writing, missing data and follow up calls trying to fill in the missing gaps.

A Fuel Management System frees up the time that might have otherwise been spent chasing after people and data. Cloud based systems allow up-to-the-minute access to data: you will not have to chase down the information you need because data is available whenever you need it.

3. Accurate Record Keeping

When it comes to writing reports you want to make sure they can be generated on time with data that is accurate.

A manual system is inherently slow as you wait for all the data to come in and then wait while it is accurately recorded, reconciled and presented in a readable format.

A FMS gives you up-to-the-minute access to data, allowing you to generate reports within minutes. Reports can be customized to meet the necessary requirements.

4. Reduce Information Overload

Faced with having to manage and organize receipts and present reports on a regular basis and in a useable format, staff managing fuel may find themselves under a lot of pressure operating in a manual system.

A FMS cloud based system offers relief from that type of information overload. With all data available at a moment’s notice, the pressure is off. FMS systems provide a way of customizing data for what is required. Different users require different information to be presented in varying formats. While this would take a lot of work in a manual system, an automated FMS can do it with ease.

5. Reduce Fuel Losses

The unexplained loss of fuel is always a concern for proprietors. Unauthorised use or even intentional theft inevitably has an impact on business.

The advantage of an FMS is that you can set safe guards along the way to minimize the risk of fuel going ‘missing’. The system can be setup to record who takes fuel, when, and how much. You are also able to restrict access using things such as a driver PIN, HID tags and preselected times or days for example.

6. Manage Fuel Deliveries

Fuel deliveries can be managed with ease using a FMS. Without it, you have to take all the obvious conditions into account – when fuel is needed, what type of fuel and how much.

Setting up your tank with a tank gauging system allows you to monitor closely what is happening. The FMS can alert you when tank levels are getting to the point of reordering. You can even be alerted if there is an issue of concern.

7. Increased Efficiency

Increased efficiency is the outcome and sum total of points 1 – 6. From minimizing errors to providing accurate and timely reports, to reducing information overload and all the in between, installing an automated FMS increases the overall efficiency of your site.

  CompacOnline CompacOnsite
  • All sites on the same database can be accessed from one website login
  • Multiple sites on the same database
  • Administration of database users
  • Price change
  • Pricing schedules for multiple sites
  • Individual login for each device
  • Individual site maintenance
  • Limited number of database users
  • Price change
  • Central transaction reporting for all sites or just one site
  • View site tank data
  • Central tank data/reporting
  • View and download noteable events from one device
  • View and download noteable events from chosen sites
  • Central transaction reporting from one device
  • View site tank data
  • View and download noteable events from one device
  • Local cards can be managed for individual and multiple sites
  • Online card options available
  • User ID files can be imported/exported to view/manage users for cards
  • Local cards can be managed for individual sites
  • Technicians can edit card bases and change allowed card card number ranges
  • User ID files can be imported/exported to view/manage users for cards



(*reports available in csv, xls and pdf formats)

  • User can generate reports of transactions at selected sites, with selected cards and time*
  • User can generate tank delivery reports at selected sites*
  • User can generate tank reconcilation reports, comparing dispenser and tank outputs, which allow for indentification of missing fuel
  • User can generate card reports, with options for online and local cards, for a selected card range*
  • User can generate reports showing selected events and sites*
  • Admin can generate user access reports, showing the online actions of selected user
  • Report Management is not a feature with CompacOnsite

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