BioBlend Dispenser

Achieve simplicity and versatility in bio fuel delivery with Compac’s BioBlend dispenser.

Based on Compac’s proven technology, developed over many years in the fuel industry, Compac engineers have developed the BioBlend dispenser to simplify the handling of bio fuels.

By allowing the blending of the fuels to occur at the time of delivery and not premixing in a tank, fuel suppliers have greater control on product inventory and tank capacity.

Taking feed from mineral diesel and biodiesel tanks, the BioBlend dispenser meters these in variable ratios, delivering through a single hose and nozzle.

Installation and servicing of the BioBlend dispenser is cost effective and straight forward.

Recording of deliveries is made by the FMS with two options for accessing transactions. They can either be stored in the unit and downloaded via a USB connection to the operator’s computer. Or they can be uploaded automatically via ADSL or 3G wireless to CompacOnline. Access for authorised users is available over the internet to Compac’s secure website.

Compac dispensers have received certification and approvals in many different countries. Visit our resources section to view these.

There are a variety of options available for the BioBlend.

Choose between:

  • Pump or Dispenser
  • Choose flow rate up to 100lpm
  • Master frame or ComFutra (FMS included)
  • Set blend ratios or allocate blends to User ID. Ratios can vary in 5% increments from 5% to 40% biodiesel
  • Fuel Management via USB connection or CompacOnline

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