Compac Pay App

The Compac Pay App is the next step in providing your customers with a quick and easy refuelling experience.

Key Features

  • Customise the app using your company’s branding specifications - app can use your company logo and reflect your company colours. Compac’s mobile app will look like your app!
  • Zero upfront costs - pay nothing upfront for the development of the app. Ongoing costs are charged per transaction. Minimum transaction rate necessary per month. Customers can download the app for free.
  • App regularly updated - updates will be made as needed for improved functionality and inline with mobile phone software changes. Customisable updates for individual companies may induce costs.
  • Location finder - no matter where they travel in the country, customers can find your company’s nearest refuelling station using the location finder in the app.

Advantages of Compac Pay App

  • Ease of use for customers - card details can be stored in the app so refuelling is made faster and simpler for your customers. 
  • Less maintenance of hardware - with customers using the mobile app, maintenance on hardware (such as receipt printer, pinpad and card reader) will be required less. 
  • Lower consumables cost - receipt printer paper needed less as more customers use the app. Receipts are stored in the app and can be emailed to the customer as needed. Less wear and tear on account cards as these details can be stored in the app. 


  • Sites must have reliable mobile phone coverage

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