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Helping Industries
Refuel & Track Fuel Usage

Compac manufactures CNG, LPG & Fuel
pumps and dispensers for Mining, Aviation,
Marine and Commercial Industries worldwide.

Compac’s Payment Terminals and Fuel Management
Systems allow for unattended refuelling, recording
and tracking of fuel usage, managed remotely, 24-7.

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Compac equipment meets the requirements

Compac equipment meets the requirements of any site.

Whether your site is in a remote location, a heavy use site, exposed to extreme weather conditions or used regularly in commercial settings, you will find Compac equipment is:

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Suited to Hazardous & Harsh Environments
  • Well Engineered
  • Cost Effective
  • Ideal for Unattended Refuelling Sites
  • Remote Access Available 24/7
  • Ongoing Technical Support

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What's the next step?

Working with Compac is easy.

We will talk through your site needs and recommend the best product or products to do the job.

Once you place an order we manufacture the equipment to your specifications, including branding requirements.

We assist with installation either in person, with one of our worldwide distributors or remotely with the help of our technical support team.

The service doesn’t stop there.

We provide ongoing technical support and service.

Our technical staff can be reached by email or phone if you have technical issues.

Contact Tech Support

If you need spare parts or replacement parts email or call us with the details.

Order Spare Parts

If you want to upgrade a product or service we can help with that too. Just send us a message.

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