Featuring the new generation C5000 electronics, Compac’s Comfill is the ideal solution for "Back to Base" refuelling.

Comfill Features

  • Easy to setup
  • Stand alone pump control (up to 2 hoses)
  • Installation options - on tank / service truck / independent
  • C5000 electronics
  • Authorisation options - Pin / HID / Card
  • Commercial applications only
  • Tank Gauging options - automatic or virtual
  • Off the shelf purchase available
  • Remote nozzle switch onsite
  • In-built Fuel Management - store user information, site details, record transations
  • Fuel Management accessible with CompacOnsite - no fees required

Comfill   Configuration     Compac   Liquid   FuelsFuel Management with CompacOnsite

CompacOnsite is the ideal solution for remote management of data. From any web browser, you have access to all your site data, 24/7.

Main Features of CompacOnsite

  • Manage Customer Account Cards - view transactions, validate or invalidate cards, update user details
  • View Transactions  
  • Tank Gauging - monitor tank levels, temperature, safe fill level and other important information. Virtual Tank Gauging also available
  • Reporting - export information in CSV format

Advantages of CompacOnsite

  • Remote Access - allows you to manage your site 24/7, from anywhere with internet access
  • User-Friendly - very little training is required to use CompacOnsite
  • No Software Hassles - no software to install or maintain, saves you time and computer memory, and you are not limited to having to use the same computer everytime

Security is our Priority

  • All data is stored in the Comfill at your site
  • Access is only over SSL (HTTPS) with login and password

How much does it cost?
There are no fees associated with the use of CompacOnsite. For additional functionality, upgrading to CompacOnline is required (where monthly charges apply).

Meter 3 channel encoder input
COM, V50 and KG100 support
Works with 3rd party meters
Outputs 4 x solenoid outputs (standard)
2 x 1hp pump motor outputs (optional)
Tank Gauges Vega or Veeder-Root
Max 2 probes
Display 2 lines x 7 digits display (154mm X 81mm, digit height: 35mm)
1 x graphical keypad display (78mm x 43mm)
1 x card totals display (80mm x 30mm)
Internet Connection 4G
Fuel Management Store user details, site details
and record transactions
Memory Size 200 cards, 2000 transactions
Construction Stainless Steel

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