LPG Dispenser Technology

V50 Meter will bring major improvements to the performance of your LPG dispenser.

LPG Dispensers come complete with the Compac V50 Coriolis Mass Flow LPG Meter, Compac’s LPG Solenoid and the Compac C4000 Electronic Fuel Head.

V50 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter will bring some major improvements to the performance of your dispenser:

  • No Free LPG – Highest possible accuracy. True error checking between meter
    and dispenser electronics prevents dispensing of unmetered LPG
  • Meter can detect water and vapour – Measures density, mass and temperature
  • Meter display options – View mass, volume or compensated

LPG Solenoid designed by Compac allows for:

  • Heavy duty requirements of LPG applications
  • Built-in check valve and internal relief valve
  • Dual flow execution for use in preset systems
  • High flowrate and long life

C4000 Electronic Head

Compac C4000 is a highly accurate electronic head designed to control and manage the dispenser. The V50 meter and all other electronic components plug directly into the C4000, which processes and calculates all required information.

During set-up and calibration, all parameters for the dispensers are set in the C4000.

The power supply for C4000 is housed in a separate flameproof, waterproof enclosure. This ensures additional safety to the dispenser and C4000 should any electrical fault occur.

Coriolis Mass Flow LPG Meter:

LPG Meter Specifications  
Manufacturer  Compac Industries
Nominal Flow Rate  4-50lpm
Maximum Inlet Pressure  2.6MPa
Temperature Range -25°C to +55°C (ambient)
-10°C to +50°C (liquid)
Weight ~2.2kg
Accuracy  OIML R117
Material Specification  All wetted parts Stainless
 Steel and Aluminium

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