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Zogico visit to Compac

18 December 2009

Mohammad Behbahani, Project Engineer for Zogico, Compac's Iranian partner, recently paid a visit to the Compac Head office and factory in New Zealand to participate in a  week of intensive product training and service demonstrations.

This training has been crucial in order for Zogico to continue to successfully represent Compac  in Iran. Over the past 2 years, Compac have sold 100+ dispensers to Zogico,  which have been entering the Iranian market gradually with approximately 30 dispensers now up and running there. The visit was intended to provide Mohammad with the expertise necessary for teaching general service and sales support issues to Zogico engineers and CNG Station owners in Iran who use Compac dispensers. 

He spent much of the week visiting the Compac technical department facilities, as well as spending time in the production area of the factory, learning how the various products are manufactured. There was also time during the week to discuss the Iranian current market position, where Zogico are aiming to be in the future, and competitiors within the Iranian CNG market. The possiblity for Compac's range of easy "Refuelling Payment Solutions" was also discussed as an exciting new opportunity for entry into the Iranian market over the next few months.

Mohammad commented after his visit, "Compac is one of the best companies in the dispenser market. Their engineers are so responsive to all technical issues, I really understood this when I worked with Andrew". (Technical department manager for Compac) "When I asked them about any problem, they worked hard to find the best solution and explain this in detail to me. The production team were also very kind and helpful, and I learned alot from them, especially from Siva and Rob."



Rob, Mechanic Hydraulics assembler at Compac, demonstrates how to assemble hydraulics from raw components to go into a dispenser

 (from the left) Mohammad, Roger (General Manager) Tim and Hong (Sales engineers)



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