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UPDATED: SIM Card Use in Compac Equipment

30 August 2018

(This is an advisoritory notice for the use of SIM cards in Compac Equipment)

UPDATED: 30 August 2018
All customers should turn off SMS functionality on their SIM cards regardless of Modem type (DO NOT disable data).

SIM cards enable specific Compac equipment to connect to the internet and allows transactions to be uploaded to CompacOnline. It also enables uploading card changes, viewing transactions and tank levels and running reports.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the Compac equipment to:

  • Order a regular size M2M Telstra SIM data card (minimum 2GB per month data plan) configured for internet access as well as Telstra Extranet APN. Product code GPT EXB3 must be activated.
  • Ensure usage notifications are turned ON for the SIM via EMAIL not SMS – direct emails to the responsible person in your organisation to ensure no unplanned usage occurs such as cyber-attacks – should the data limit reach 100% within a given month this would be considered abnormal usage and the Compac Help Desk should be informed.

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