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The new Compac USB DCA payment solution

16 December 2009

Introducing Compac's latest Leading, Low cost fuel management solution, the USB DCA, allowing you to manage your fuel 24 hours a day. The USB DCA is Compac's newest addition to our range of superior, stand-alone Fuel Management Systems solutions. The USB DCA cleverly utilises the best features of a USB data transfer system, to provide user-friendly, unmanned refuelling to your customers or vehicle fleet.


Key features of the USB DCA are:

USB Download
Robust HID key system
Latest encryption options
No external connections required
Works with all pump types


The USB DCA System:

  • Removes the need for complex software. Simply connect your authorised USB stick to the PC in order to display past transactions in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet

  • Can hold up to 4000 transactions

  • Can upload new card data - add or remove cards/users from the system as required

  • Latest encryptions have been used for added security, so that only a USB stick as authorised by you has the ability to download your transactions

  • Simple 'Plug and Play' procedures



Click here to view the USB DCA Brochure






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