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The Compac India Story

28 April 2015



Compac India has become a major supplier of CNG dispensers to gas companies throughout India. With sales for gas powered vehicles continuing to rise and India’s railways switching to gas, Compac India’s position in the gas refuelling market is looking strong.



Going back a few years, Compac Industries knew a shift was needed in the way they did business in South Asia. Because of changing market conditions, staying competitive in the Indian market was becoming more challenging. Discussions began with an India based Compac distributor and the result: Compac India was established. 




What followed was the long process of getting Compac’s technology known and accepted by gas companies throughout India. Countless hours and train rides later has resulted in Compac India now being a major supplier of CNG dispensers to the region. Companies like Gujarat Gas, Green Gas, IGL, MGL etc, have recognised Compac’s technology as being able to competitively provide the accuracy, security and reliability needed in CNG refuelling.






Compac India has formed a strong alliance with the Hy-lok Corporation who has become the supplier of fittings and valves for Compac dispensers. With the state of the art assembly facility in New Delhi, Compac India is perfectly positioned to supply and service not only all of India, but the wider South Asia region.


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