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Russia Approves Compac Dispensers

17 September 2015

Compac Industries was recently visited by Russian testing agency VNIIMS (Federal Agency of Technical Regulating and Metrology), with the purpose of certifying the use of Compac CNG dispensers in the Eurasian Customs Union.

Compac hosted Mr Dmitry Gudkov and Mr Boris Ipolitov at their Auckland facility. Here testing on dispensers was conducted using a purpose built, temperature controlled chamber. Compac was able to regulate the temperature and humidity while testing the dispensers on high-pressure gas.

The results saw Compac pass the OIML standards accuracy requirements of +/-1%. This accuracy testing occurred across a temperature range of 50°C down to  -40°, with humidity levels of 95%.

The Russian Weights & Measures Certificate from VNIIMS can be viewed here or found on Compac's Resources page.

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