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Refuelling and Site Management Made Easy!

24 October 2012

The Compac DCA (Driveway Card Acceptor) is a stand alone terminal designed to make refuelling and site management easy. It works seamlessly with your dispensers to offer secure unattended refuelling, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The DCA allows you the flexibility to manage your site as you need.

Accepting a variety of devices, the DCA authorises fuel delivery for approved users. The devices include third party cards, white cards, HID keys, CWID keys and/or pin numbers, with the option of using some of these devices in combination. User identification at the DCA can be configured to match with the driver or with the vehicle or with both. In addition odometer readings can be recorded at the time of refuelling with a PinPad prompt.

For downloading fuel delivery data from the DCA there are two options: CompacOnline or USB data transfer. CompacOnline requires that the DCA has a connection to the internet, with access to data available by simply logging into the CompacOnline website. USB data transfer is a simple method where data is transferred from DCA to computer and back again using a USB stick. Reading and writing of data is done using an Excel Spreadsheet.

The DCA is a stand-alone unit made from stainless steel. Mounted free-standing on its post the DCA requires no additional shelter. In addition a receipt printer can be added to the unit. This is highly reliable, using a waterproof chamber that prevents water damage and paper jams.

For more information on Compac’s DCA, CompacOnline or USB Fuel Management visit our Product Section or email us at

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