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New Levels of Visibility with CompacOnline

13 April 2011

Below are comments from Compac customer, Greenstone Energy, about their experience with CompacOnline ...

CompacOnline has given us a level of visibility on our site stocks we have not experienced before. The web portal allows us to check live dips for any site in the network at any time, and to use that data to optimise volumes and prioritise deliveries more effectively.

In the aftermath of the Feb 22nd Christchurch earthquake we had an unprecedented interruption to our network and logistics task. As well as the interruption we had a great shift of demand within our network due to site closures and the location of the recovery operations. CompacOnline, in combination with our other Business Intelligence tools gave us real time, at-a-glance reporting of tank levels across our Christchurch network. This allowed us to track and respond to the changed demand patterns, resulting in increased uptime in our network at a critical time for the people of Christchurch.

William Watson
Scheduling Manager
Greenstone Energy

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