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Introducing the Compac iTrak

15 February 2010

Announcing the release of the Compac iTrak, our newest solution for distance automated authorisation and user-friendly refuelling.


How it works: Once the vehicle is in range, the iTrak reader receives a signal from the iTrak tag (see image below) automatically identifying the vehicle and authorising the pump, with no input required by refuelling staff. The reader has the ability to read the tag from a distance of up to 10 metres. The Compac iTrak system is suited to a wide range of refuelling applications, including Trucks, Cars, Bus Fleets, Mining vehicles, Port Operations and Trains, giving you and your fleet the following unique benefits:

»Automated refuelling – no pin numbers to remember or cards to swipe, saves time and hassle of carrying a card 
»No need to worry about card readers failing or cards that wear out and won’t read – system works every time
»No input required by staff to authorise system – saves time and money on staff training and costs of labour
»Always assigns the fuel to the correct vehicle – eliminates the problem of the same card being used to refill any vehicle 
»Manage fuel shrinkage – only vehicles with an iTrak tag can authorise the pump


Click here for further information on the Compac iTrak






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