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Improve the Performance of your CNG Dispenser

17 April 2012

Compac has a long history within the CNG industry. With the design of their first natural gas meter over 23 years ago, their commitment to research and development ensure they have remained at the forefront of dispensing technology.

Compac’s CNG meter, known as KG80 Coriolis Mass Flow meter, is the most accurate in the world: a true mass flow meter using the physics of Coriolis forces to accurately determine mass flow. The meter is self-characterising making commissioning even simpler: there is no need for meter set up and no measurements to be taken.

Choosing the highest quality tubing, combined with the introduction of innovative manufacturing techniques, Compac has worked to eliminate tube stress and corrosion over the life of the meter. The KG80 meter has a rated working pressure of 275 bar with a burst pressure in excess of four times the working pressure.

Using Compac’s KG80 meter leads to major improvements in the performance of any CNG dispenser:

  • No Calibration Drift - the dispenser automatically reset the zero point totally eliminating the need for regular site service visits
  • No Free Product - highest possible accuracy. True error checking between the meter and dispenser electronics prevents dispensing unmetered gas
  • Large Flow Range of 1-80kg/min
  • Meter any Gas or Liquid - the mass flow measurement is independent of gas composition, humidity, temperature and pressure
  • Worldwide approvals - including Australian NMI, Czech Weights and Measures, Indian Weights and Measures, Indonesian Weights and Measures, Malaysian Weights and Measures, USA Weights and Measures, Dutch Weights and Measures (pending)

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