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Compac's Lean Manufacturing Program

12 October 2010

Earlier this year Compac embarked on a Lean Manufacturing program that was specifically targeting “one piece flow (OPF)”.

The focus of Lean Manufacturing is to add value to a product through the elimination of waste. Waste is not only material, but also time, space and labour. OPF is one way of eliminating waste. It does this by looking at ways to achieve optimum efficiency - moving from batch production to working on one product at a time.

At the outset the OPF program was aimed at one product, our CNG dispensers. We wanted to know what gains could be made using Lean Manufacturing practices before committing to changing all production.

“With a change to the way we build our dispensers (batch to OPF) and changes to layout and implementation of tasks, we have seen some very good gains in meeting scheduled deliveries for large and small volume orders” says Nik Viljoen, Compac’s Production Manager, “it has made status of orders, in terms of build, far more visible, while smoothing out a number of bottle necks and giving us more flexibility when required.”

The change was so successful we have now implemented OPF to all products manufactured by Compac Industries.

Thanks has to go to all involved especially the guys on the factory floor and to the production team who embraced the changes with a positive attitude.


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