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Compac dispensers commissioned at Heathrow

20 July 2009

Compac Industries’ Technical Support Supervisor, Andrew Kingstone, has recently paid a visit to London, where he had the task of overseeing the commissioning of the new Compac dispensers at Terminal 5 of the Heathrow Airport. During his week-long visit, Andrew installed the two Compac Laser Dispensers, a Compac DCA with HID tag reader and Netbase to manage the site.  This was supplied through Cryostar to end customers, EMCORE.

The new dispensers will be used to fill up cylinders on trolleys to 200 bar. These trolleys (as pictured on the right) are then towed around the airport and used to fill the plane tyres with Nitrogen. It is exciting to note that these specialised Nitrogen dispensers were a unique order for Compac, as until now the company has always focused on the manufacture of CNG and LPG dispensers for customers. The major benefit of these new dispensers is that previously there has been no way of metering the gas, so customers were being charged per fill regardless of how much gas was needed to fill the trolley. Now they will be able to accurately monitor and charge for actual gas used and reconcile the gas usage to their gas deliveries, giving the customer a consistent fill and value for money every time.

Also involved in the commissioning were Mr Christophe Coly from Cryostar, and Mr. Marc Freno from EMCOR Facilities Services Ltd.  Andrew would like to thank Mr Coly and Mr Freno for all their help over the course of the week in ensuring a successful overall result for the new Heathrow airport site.

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