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ComFutra Scope Widened

4 April 2011

Compac's all-in-one dispenser, the ComFutra, now has potential in many new applications.

The ComFutra model has been available in both dispenser and a pump configurations but has been limited to diesel fuel applications. Having recently received approval under the ANZEx certification scheme to the AS/NZS2229 fuel standard, the ComFutra dispenser/pump can now be used in hazardous zones that include petrol and Avgas.

For Fuel Distributors with compact sites, who wish to dispense both diesel and petrol, this latest development will be extremely beneficial. Installation time and costs can be cut significantly and the integration of the fuel management system (FMS) with the  dispenser/pump means controlling and recording transactions has never  been so easy. The ComFutra has the flexibility to offer a highly cost effective solution to a large variety of sites.

Compac also offers the option to retrofit an existing Master with a ComFutra head. Now a fuel distributor can add a FMS to a dispenser/pump without the site work and cabling issues with installing a separate unit.  The only condition here is that the Master must be a post 2000 model when the frame size changed to the current dimensions.

Please contact us if you want to discuss the ComFutra in more detail. Alternatively you can download the ComFutra Brochure here.

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