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Chesterfield BioGas commissions first ever Compac USB DCA for NGV

16 April 2010

Chesterfield BioGas has commissioned its first biomethane dispenser and DCA fuel management system supplied by Compac Industries Ltd. The DCA will utilise Compac’s newly developed USB module, the first ever to be used in the UK & Europe, which provides a simple solution to changing system parameters and downloading transactions.

Sheffield City Council will be using the dispenser to refuel seven Volkswagen Caddy vans and three Mercedes Sprinter vans as part of a six month trial that if successful will lead to the installation of a permanent refuelling facility and part replacement of its fleet with biomethane powered vehicles.
Commissioning of the system was carried out with assistance from Barry Fatt of CNG Sweden, a long established Compac European Agent, who made reference to how easy the system was to set up and use.

Chesterfield BioGas intends to purchase a second dispenser and DCA to support further trials being carried out and has received funding from a government grant system that supports its ongoing efforts to promote biomethane technology in the UK.

Hong Lov, Sales Engineer for Compac was involved in the project, and commented on the importance of the installation, “This is an exciting development for both parties and a major milestone for Compac, as it is our very first NGV site worldwide using the new USB DCA".

The Compac USB DCA is Compac’s latest devlopment on the standard Compac DCA. It cleverly utilises the best features of a USB data transfer system, to provide user-friendly 24/7 unmanned refuelling to customers. Click here to see our USB DCA Brochure.


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