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A week of 'Firsts' for CNG in Thailand

30 March 2009

The very first Compac dispenser for Thailand has just been installed at the Hino truck factory, based in Bangkok. Tim Mayson, Sales Engineer for Compac, travelled to Thailand for the week of March 16th to 20th,  to give technical assistance with the set up and installation of this CNG dispenser. 

The Hino Truck factory, Compac's newest customer, purchased the dispenser in order to fill their new CNG trucks as they roll out of the production line. The first of these trucks began their filling last week. This will also be Thailand’s first privately owned CNG station – until recently, all other CNG stations have been publicly owned by a large Thailand based company.

The installation of the whole site was completed by Intersol Engineering & Technology, a provider of compressor solutions in Thailand. They attended as agents for Bauer, a compressor manufacturing company, who were also there to give assistance with the installation. Interestingly, this new station is also the first CNG station in Thailand that Bauer have had the opportunity to supply a compressor to.

Tim also gave a special thanks to Chittin from Intersol and Lee from Bauer, for their extra help over the week, ensuring the installation process went smoothly and making it a success for all involved.


Intersol service person sets up  dispenser          CNG Truck filling station ready for action

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