Compac offers a range of fuel pumps and dispensers, unattended fuel management products and options in the management of your site data. With years of industry experience standing behind our product range, you can find a solution to meet your refuelling needs.

/ Unattended Refuelling
Featuring the new generation C5000 electronics, Compac’s Comfill is the ideal solution for "Back to Base"
      Choose the Compac FillMaster for a refuelling solution that provides simple fuel management features to smaller
  The ComFutra is Compac's unique all-in-one pump and fuel management
Card King
      The Compac Card King unit is designed as a versatile, multi-purpose authorisation and fuel management
    The ComTank has been developed for On-Tank installation, offering a simple, secure solution to fuel
    The DCA is Compac’s leading, versatile, 24/7 Fuel Management
Credit Card DCA
    The CC DCA is Compac’s versatile, 24/7 Fuel Management
    For a world-class Outdoor Payment Terminal look no further than Compac. The Compac OPT has been designed specifically for public unattended refuelling use in all weather conditions. Engineered for harsh, dusty environments
Communicator Controller
      An ideal solution for sites with multiple
Compac AVI
The Compac AVI (Automatic Vehicle Indentification) solution uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to electronically identify and validate vehicle data when