Compac offers a range of fuel pumps and dispensers, unattended fuel management products and options in the management of your site data. With years of industry experience standing behind our product range, you can find a solution to meet your refuelling needs.

/ Pumps & Dispensers
Laser Pumps & Dispensers
    Compac’s Laser Pumps and Dispensers are designed specifically for retail applications. Built with strength and quality in mind, there are a range of options available to make sure our Lasers are best suited to your
Master Pumps & Dispensers
      Compac’s range of Master Pumps and Dispensers are robust and reliable. Designed to perform in harsh environments, such as trucking, marine and aviation industries, the Compac Master Pumps and Dispensers can be
LPG Dispensers
        Compac brings an evolution in LPG dispenser design. All LPG dispensers come complete with the Compac's V50 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, LPG Solenoid and C4000 Electronic Fuel
Adblue Dispenser
      All the benefits of a Compac Dispenser designed to distribute the unique AdBlue® solution.  Choose Compac’s Master model for commercial requirements. Compac’s Laser model is ideal for
Bioblend Dispenser
      Achieve simplicity and versatility in bio fuel delivery with Compac’s BioBlend
        The ComFutra is Compac's unique all-in-one pump and fuel management
Card King
  The Compac Card King unit is designed as a versatile, multi-purpose authorisation and fuel management