For a world-class Outdoor Payment Terminal look no further than Compac.

The Compac OPT has been designed specifically for public unattended refuelling use in all weather conditions. Engineered for harsh, dusty environments typical of unattended refuelling locations, the OPT also looks at home on a retail forecourt.

The OPT is constructed of stainless steel and is designed for harsh, dusty outdoor environments, typical of unattended refuelling locations.  

Features of the OPT

Compac Pump Controller - reliably controls the dispensers on your forecourt 

Dispenser Communication (Contact Compac for details)
       - Compac protocol
       - Gilbarco AUS protocol
       - Email protocol
       - Forecourt Integration with existing POS

EMV Compliant Pinpad (SKP200)

EMV Compliant Card Reader (SCR200)

Range of Payment Options - transactions processed to the highest standards which assure data security:
       - EFTPOS debit card
       - Credit card
       - Nation wide fuel card
       - White card

Receipt Printer - accepts a large roll of standard receipt paper

Fuel Management - CompacOnline allows for remote 24/7 access to transactions, reports, tank readings etc

Tank Gauging Interface - Interfacing to: Veeder Root, Franklin, Diptronic


Forced ventilation for extremely hot environments

Customisation with decals and powder coating to suit individual requirements

OPT Retail Site