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Compac AVI

Compac AVI

The Compac AVI (Automatic Vehicle Indentification) solution uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to electronically identify and validate vehicle data when refuelling.

Using a world recognised AVI system integrated with Compac pumps and fuel management products, vehicle refuelling becomes a straight forward, automatic process, with the downloading of vehicle data happening instantly.

  • Vehicle authorised automatically through wireless communications
  • Site controller (DCA) records all activity (tank levels, fuel dispensed etc) and automatically transfers data to CompacOnline
  • Monitor your site activity remotely - access CompacOnline via web browser
  • Security protocol ensures all requested fuel is delivered to the authorised vehicle
  • Ideal solution for unattended refuelling


How Compac's AVI System Works

Simply put the nozzle into the vehicle’s fuel tank. Fuel will start dispensing once the system has wirelessly recognised the authorised vehicle.

The complete authorisation process, transmission of odometer (optional), release of dispenser and registration of transaction data is carried out automatically.

Removal of the nozzle from the vehicle’s fuel tank triggers a loss of contact timer which will pause (Compac Pumps) or stop (Other Pumps) the transaction, ensuring that fuel can only be delivered to the correct vehicle.

The site receiver receives the wireless data from nozzle reader units and vehicle odometer units and transmits the data to the Compac Pump Controller.

Transactions are temporarily stored in the Compac Site Controller. Every 15 minutes, transactions are pushed back to CompacOnline (can be more frequently if required) via the internet connection.